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FAQs for international customers

Q: Do you sell crochet doll patterns?

A: No we don’t have doll patterns. My mum makes these dolls from her experience, adapting other designs, making changes so the dolls now have her signature on it. We would like to keep it this way as this is her trademarks. However we do offer class of making Muffin dolls at our shop.

Q: Do we sell the (crochet) dolls?

A: Yes, only the crocheted dolls not the BJD dolls. They are made-to-order which means not all dolls are the same. You can capture the image of the dolls that you like and send us the email with your preferences if any, for example, the colour of the clothes, hair, hats, etc.. Dolls can be ordered as a standalone or they are made into charms so you can hang them on handbags, on the car’s mirror etc.. If you want just the doll for collecting please let us know and we will not crochet it as a charm.

Q: Can we buy wholesale?

A: I’m sorry we do not take wholesale order. Because my mum is the only person who makes these dolls and the speed of making 1 doll can varied depending on many things. We limit 1 person to order maximum of 5 dolls at a time.

Q: What size are the dolls?

A: The Suri dolls are usually 4 inches high made with 3ply cotton threads. Muffin dolls are a little bit higher. Some dolls are taller or shorter depending on the size of threads or yarns we use.

Q: Can I order the dolls at bigger size?

A: Yes, the next size up for Suri is about 12 inches tall but the cotton yarn will be bigger.

Q: How long does it take from order to finish?

A: Depending on the existing queue, it could take from 1 week to 5-6 months.

Q: Can I ask for a discount if I buy more than one items?

A: No, we do not offer any kind of discount.

Q: Can you sell Muffin dolls pattern without class?

A: I’m sorry we do not sell doll’s pattern on its own as we believe the art of making a doll is not only to follow the patterns. We teach lots of techniques and tips on how to make dolls because we love beautiful dolls. Plus we do not know how to write all these down. We want our students to feel the love that we have for crochet dolls from first hand experience.

Q: How much are the dolls?

A: For Suri and Muffin dolls it can be from 1,600 Thai Baht to 3,000 Thai Baht. Price depends on the design, the material used and how difficult it is to make. The best way to know the price is to capture the doll’s image that you want either on the webpage, fanpage or IG and send it to us at shop@ohopshop.com for exact prices.

Q: Do you ship anywhere in the world?

A: We ship to most countries by Thailand registered post. Please see this page for shipping & handling rates http://www.ohopshop.com/products_page/international-shipping/

Q: How do I pay? Do you accept credit cards?

A: For international buyers we only accept Paypal.

Q: How do I order?

A: Please see this page for more information. http://www.ohopshop.com/products_page/how-to-order-english/

Q: What if my package got lost?

A: Because we send our dolls via registered mail which is a guaranteed delivery service our package will never get lost in the post. However the package are signed-for which means someone has to signed-for at the other end otherwise the package will probably be at your post office.

Q: Where did you buy your materials?

A: We bought most yarns from the internet or while visiting other countries. Materials are bought as far as Japan, UK, US and Germany.

Q: Do you sell the materials?

A: We only sell cotton hand dyed yarns that comes in 3-ply and 5-ply. The 3-ply ones are 100 grams at 100 Thai Baht and 5-ply is 200 grams at 120 Thai Baht. We do not sell the smaller cotton yarns that we use for making dolls.

Q: Where do you get the wigs for dolls?

A: We buy our dolls wigs from Japan mostly. Sometimes my mum will use various yarns for the hair. If we have plenty of stock from recent visit to Japan we do sell them too.

Q: Do you make other dolls? Can we give you a pattern or an image to make us customised dolls?

A: We do not have time to make other dolls but our shop can ask our network of small community of local knitters and crochet artists in our area if they are interested in making other dolls. However, the process of asking and getting back the answer can take time so be prepared to wait.

Q: Can you teach online?

A: Sorry, no we can’t teach online. Thank you for reading. If I come across anymore frequently asked questions we will add them here.