9 July 2013

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Today is a special day as we’d like to publish our weekly blog post in English. We had quite a few requests from our foreign customers and visitors that they’d like to see our blog in English so here I am, just to please our foreign customers and visitors. I hope you will all enjoy this blog post.

A very quick introduction, My name is Nor and I’m the daughter of a talented Crochet artist based in Thailand in a small seaside town called Sriracha. We own a small shop selling yarns and teach how to crochet and knit. We mainly specialise in small crochet dolls although you will find other handcraft items in our shop. My mum is using @ohopshop on IG as many of you might already know. For more information about our shop please read our FAQ page.

This week you might have already seen the progress of Ma Poupèe Doll, a pattern by a French artist Isabelle Kessedjian or @Kessedjian on Instagram. My mum has been begging me to buy Isabelle’s book on Amazon but I kept telling her that she will not be able to understand the pattern as everything is in French. Who was I to tell, she has managed to crochet and knit everything from Japanese patterns. So why not in another foreign language?

So this is her attempt to create Ma Poupèe Doll (or little girl as it means in French.. yes I just found out about that today) with a little help from one of our customer/crochet artist, Joom and her phone with Google Translate. Here she used our regular cotton yarn to make the doll.


Ma Poupèe also get her small handbag or pouch depending on how she’d like to use it..


front-carrying bag..


..or as a back-pack


Miss Muffin doll borrowed it for a while just to take picture 🙂


This is Ma Poupèe before she get dressed.. as seen in Isabelle’s pattern book. Originally I believe Ma Poupèe is crocheted using regular size yarns but here my mum use small size yarns, DMC #20 to be specific. So here we have a mini Ma Poupèe.


She gets her pink top now..



Next up is a doll for a close friend of our family, Khun Ake, who just graduated in Master of Nursing Science Program in Nursing from Chulalongkorn University. This is the doll in graduate student uniform.


With her graduation gown made as close to the real gown as possible.


This is Khun Ake as seen on her graduation rehearsal day. Congratulations!


One of our customers made this bag from leftover or recycled cotton yarns that she owns. Very colourful isn’t it?


She also crocheted a doll with a small cute dog as a car keyring.


This is the face of our talented customer.


Another proud student, Khun Tim who came to learn how to crochet Miss Muffin doll. This is her second time visiting our shop to carry on with the dress and make up.


Tadaaaa! Very well done!


This is her second doll as she went back home and made one more body before returning for more tips in decorating the doll.


Khun Nuch who learn from us how to crochet her ever first hat! She looks very happy!


This is her second attempt made from multi-colour cotton yarn from our shop. Of course, making this hat only use half of one cotton yarn ball.. so for a 200 grams ball at 140 Baht this is a very cheap hat! (For your information US$1 is equivalent of 30 Thai Baht)


Our usual crochet handle cover..


Another customer work, a crochet bag make from 2 cotton balls in two tones.


And this is a masterpiece from another one of our customer, Khun Pued who made this wonderful and colourful crochet throw all from our natural dyed cotton yarns.


I must say I’m very flattered here as my mum is very proud of my watercolour painting I did of the group of dolls we sent off to our customer in Singapour last week. It was my second attempt at water colouring which I found pretty fun and may do a few more. Hopefully next time it will be better than this. Thank you those of you who commented my mum’s post on IG.


My mum’s IG fans may have seen this little cute kitty called Roku or @rokuthecat on instagram as he’s my brother’s celeb cat (short for celebrity cat). We can’t believe how famous he became. With over 100,000 followers within 6 months, he gets around 17,000 likes over 4 hours (as of today), over 2 thousands of new followers within a day. If you haven’t seen him you ought to have a peek at his IG account and you’ll see how easily one would fall for his cuteness.

Here Roku visited us over the weekend so we had him modeled for a few of mum’s crochet work such as this red apple here on Roku’s head. I think we need a crochet bow and an arrow, mum.


Unlike Tin Tin, our hyperactive jack Russell, Roku is so still and calm you can literally put anything on him and it will still be there in the next 5 – 10 minutes. Unbelievably cute eh?


So here is the last image of the blog. Thank you for visiting us. I’ll try to write in English again if time permits. Please do send us comments or pass on comments in my mum’s IG. Feel free to say hello or ask any questions, but do not forget to read our FAQ page first just in case you find any answer you need from there.

Until next time..